Verification Commission put in place as international community continues to reject it

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A former senator, a former election adviser, two businessmen and a former member of the previous evaluation Commission of Michel Martelly are the components of the verification commission repeatedly requested by the opposition in Haiti to review the results of the first round of voting.

Erick Gaillard, Jean Marc Donald, Gedeon Jean, Pierre and Francois Benoit Wilfrid Sanon are the five members of the verification commission.

The chosen sectors represent the Anglican Church, the building contractors and accountants.

After the first round presidential elections held last year, the Haitian opposition required a verification commission to review the results whose data has always been questioned.
In the first round Jovenel Moise, candidate of the then ruling party, PHTK, the ex-president Michel Martelly, obtained a 32.76 percent of the vote, compared to 25.29 percent for the opposition Jude Celestin.

From the first moment Celestin had called the results a "farce".

The PHTK itself opposes the formation of the verification commission, which is why for more than a week partisans were demonstrating in the streets.

Yesterday the US ambassador in Haiti, Peter Mulrean, says that his country only supports the holding of the second round of the Haitian general elections this coming Sunday as per the political agreement signed last February, so that a new presiden can take office in May.

But the diplomat highlighted the fact that the verification commission announced the election is not covered by the agreement signed among others by the current interim president of Haiti, Jocelerme Privert, and Martelly.

In this regard, the Haitian Senate has convene the Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles, to appear before the legislative body and explanations on the commission since its creation was not foreseen in the political agreement signed in February.

The Core Group, composed of the ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, United States and the European Union and the Special Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti and the Mission of the United Nations Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), also opposes the formation of this verification commission.

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