US State Department congratulates Haiti on its Independence Anniversary on the wrong date

Posted by on Friday, December 29, 2017 Under: Diplomacy
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The Trump administration continues to cause controversy in the Haitian community.

The US State Department released a statement on December 29th, 2017, congratulating Haiti and its people on the celebration of their 214 years anniversary of  independence. Except that it wasn't. 

The official date of Haiti's independence day is January 1st; always has beeen, since 1804, not December 29!
Many on social media were quick to point out the diplomatic faux-pas, but it is not clear if the State Department has even yet noticed this mistake, as the Statement is still posted with the wrong date on the State Department's official website.

This comes nearly a week after a jaw dropping New York Times story alleged that during a meeting in the Oval Office in June, President Trump said that Haiti sent some 15.000 immigrants to the United States in 2017 and they " all have AIDS." 

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