US Court of Auditors publish scathing reports on USAID work in Haiti

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US development aid agency USAID, far from reaching the goals set, defers, against the opinion of the Court of Auditors, the studies on the feasibility of certain projects in Haiti, according to a scathing official report released Wednesday.

In the 84-page document to the US Congress, public administration (USGAO) explains that some projects conceived in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated the Caribbean country in 2010, were "not realistic" and numbers of them have lagged behind mainly because of a "lack of qualified staff."

In 2011, USAID development agency had, among others, plans to spend $ 55.4 million to develop, in different communes of Haiti, 15,000 plots to build new homes, 4,000 were to be made directly by the agency itself.

But in September 2014, at a time when the Court of Auditors inspectors visited Haiti, USAID agency had taken the decision to arrange only 2,000 plots and build only 906 homes.

Despite the significant reduction of the project, the final bill will finally increased by over $ 20 million.

"These cost differences result from inaccuracies in the initial estimates of USAID" about the cost of the work and construction of houses "and requests the Haitian government to design changes, including larger units and inclusion of toilets rather than the traditional system of dry latrines, "explains the report of the Court of Accounts.

The construction of a container port on the north coast of Haiti, estimated at more than $ 75 million, was also simply abandoned after studies showed the significant environmental risks and the technical difficulties of such an embodiment .

Faced with these errors and against the recommendations of the Court of Auditors, USAID-Haiti has nevertheless decided not to launch now the project feasibility studies that do not require construction, mainly in the sectors of the state of law, nutrition and economic security.

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