US ambassador to Haiti says that he is against transitional government

Posted by on Friday, December 4, 2015

The new US ambassador to Haiti, Peter Mulrean hoped that the new President of Haiti is designated by the voters rather than the street.

The American diplomat accredited to Haiti, Peter Mulrean wish the next leaders of the country can get out of free elections.

These statements were made during the traditional Christmas Gala organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in the private residence of the US ambassador.

If he did not take a stand on behalf of US Ambassador Peter Mulrean has nevertheless expressed the wish of the Haitian business sector, namely the outcome of the electoral process.

The Hamcham also opposed to any idea of ​​a clean sweep in the electoral process; it advocates the establishment of a wise council to find a consensus for continued operations and realization of the second round of presidential elections.

The president of AMCHAM Philippe Armand believes that the transition will be unfavorable

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