Uruguay to withdraw its blue helmets in Haiti April 15th

Posted by hougansydney.com on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Under: Security
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Uruguayan blue helmets stationed in Haiti are ready to finalize their mission as part of the United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Caribbean country since 2004. 

UN personnel is coordinating with the soldiers to transport them from the base of Morne Casse to Haiti's Capital, Port-au-Prince, and from there in chartered flight back to Uruguay. 

In addition, the logistics of repatriation of military equipment and implements will be organized, which will be done by sea, National Defense Minister Jorge Menéndez said. About 40 military personnel will remain in Haiti for another time to ensure the repatriation of the materials. 

The Uruguayan Ambassador to the United Nations, on Tuesday, at the UN Security Council meeting to discuss the fate of the peacekeeping mission, confirmed that Uruguay will withdraw its troops from the country on April 15th.

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