UN Security Council renews mandate of MINUJUSTH for one more year

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The UN Security Council on Tuesday renewed its police mission in Haiti for one year, after recent tensions with the Haitian government that had accused the force of political interference.

The vote on the resolution was not unanimous among the 15 members as it often happens. Russia and China abstained, while the other 13 members voted in favor of the US text.

The mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Support of Justice in Haiti (Minujusth, approximately 1,200 police officers) provides for a gradual decrease in the number of UN police officers as of 15 October and mentions the prospect of a two-year withdrawal in the near future, completed in October 2019.

Minujusth contributes to strengthening the national police force, consolidating the rule of law and monitoring the human rights situation.

On the occasion of this renewal of the mandate, Haiti hoped that "harmonious relations" will be established between the mission of the United Nations and the Haitian authorities.

During his speech, the French ambassador to the UN François Delattre called "the Haitian authorities to seize this tool, made available to them by the United Nations, to consolidate the stability of the country and increase the welfare of population".

"MINUJUSTH should be the last UN peacekeeping operation deployed in Haiti", UN set to renew mandate in Haiti

In late February-early March, the Minujusth had displeased the Haitian authorities by hailing the appointment of judges to investigate complaints filed since the beginning of the year as part of a corruption case involving several former ministers.

"Haiti is neither a savanna nor a mill but a sovereign country", had repeated several times the head of the Haitian government, Jack-Guy Lafontant. The Haitian ambassador to the UN had been recalled for consultations by Port-au-Prince.

"Haiti is neither a mill nor a savannah" Haitian Prime Minister slammed the United Nations Special representative in Haiti

Minujusth was established a year ago by the UN to succeed its Blue Helmets (Minustah mission) in the poorest Caribbean country of the American continent. The Minustah was deployed in 2004 following the ouster of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide under the pressure of an armed uprising.

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