Trump has removed Haiti from list of countries eligible for temporary or seasonal workers visas

Posted by on Thursday, January 18, 2018 Under: Migration
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The Trump administration has removed Haiti from the list of countries whose farmers and other laborers are eligible for temporary or seasonal workers visas, under the federal H-2A and H-2B guest worker program.

The Department of Homeland Security, citing Haitians “ extremely high rates of refusal…high levels of fraud and abuse and a high rate of overstaying the terms of their H-2 admission, ” was behind the decision, adding that Haiti’s inclusion on the list “ is no longer in the United States interests.” Citizens from Belize as well as Samoa were also removed from the list.

The decision of the Trump administration to remove Haiti from said list, comes amid the international outrage over Donald Trump’s alleged qualification of Haiti, El Salvador and the African continent as “shit holes”, during a congressional meeting in the oval office last Thursday. Haiti protested the reported remarks by summoning the US charge d’Affairs in the country and by sending a personal note of protest to Washington, which also demanded an apology.

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