Tragic murder of young mother by the father of her 4 year old daughter shocks Haiti

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The death of 30-year-old Marlène Colin, who was killed by a knife by her husband Rigaud Ernest, father of her 4-year-old daughter, on Thursday, May 3, 2018, caused a shock wave in the city's southeast metropolis that has spread throughout the country.

On the sidewalks as in the media, the whole city of Jacmel speaks only of this tragedy. Rigaud killed Marlene. On social networks, the debates are inflamed. Everyone has his version, each his considerations, each his verdict. What happened ?

Former high school student Célie Lamour of Jacmel, Marlène Colin had just graduated from nursing in July 2017, after four years of studies in the Dominican Republic. Marlène Colin was found bathed in her blood from head to toe in her residence in Labidou, Jacmel district. The alleged criminal delivered several stab wounds to the victim.

After committing his crime, the alleged assassin, Rigaud Ernest, immediately rushed aboard a motorcycle taxi to the port of Jacmel where he tried to drown. Surprised in agony, the latter was rescued in extremis waters by swimmers before being handed a little later to agents of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) assigned to the police station in Jacmel.

In custody for four days, Rigaud Ernest, a former member of the Christian Movement for a New Haiti (MOCHRENA), is known in the city for being one of the leading leaders of the events held in Jacmel in 2004 that led to the President Jean Bertrand Aristide's fall from power. During the parliamentary elections of 2015, he was very noticed in the campaign activities of a current Senator of the Republic, elected of the South-East. Rigaud Ernest is a known personality of Jacmel, with a radiance throughout the department of South-East.

According to preliminary reports obtained from police and judicial sources, Rigaud Ernest abducted his wife's life four days after being invited to the Jacmel public prosecutor's office on April 30, at the request of the late Marlène Colin. The victim had lodged a complaint against his spouse that made his life impossible in their conjugal relationship.

On the morning of Friday, May 4th, Mr. Alexandre Antonius, acting justice of the peace in Jacmel, accompanied by the agents of the departmental service of the judicial police (SDPJ), made a first hearing of the accused Rigaud Ernest at the police station of Jacmel.

In his version of the facts presented to the journalists after the hearing, the alleged criminal admitted to killing his wife after an argument, stating that he had lost control of his emotions. "I left the United States on April 18, 2018 to return to Haiti. Since then, Marlene has denied me any visit from my little girl I love so much for more than 12 days. Faced with my situation of distress and humiliation, I fell into deep desolation, " said Rigaud Ernest.

"I had to leave Haiti on Friday, May 4th. Before taking my flight, I had asked Marlene for a meeting to decide the future of our child. She categorically refused to address this topic. Only God knows how I felt. When I looked over the table and saw a knife, I stab my wife"he explains.

Regarding rumors circulating on social networks that believe that Rigaud Ernest committed the act after conducting a DNA test whose results would have revealed that Anna Kya Ernest is not his biological girl, the alleged assassin confirmed that the 4-year-old girl is beautiful and well her daughter. "Everyone can see that it's my blood," he says.

Rigaud Ernest claims to have had no paternity testing done (DNA Test).

Rigaud Ernest also pointed out that he has been in contact with Marlène Colin for 14 years. "I have invested more than sixty thousand US dollars in nursing studies in the Dominican Republic Since she graduated, she told me I'm not in her rank. Remorse was killing me "he said at the audition.

According to sources close to the victim, for several years Marlène Colin was going through difficult days in this relationship. Rigaud Ernest used to beat her, regularly breaking dishes and furniture in their house, among others. The situation escalated further when Marlene refused to marry Rigaud in November 2017.

According to other sources, the alleged criminal is still married to a woman who has facilitated his residence in the United States where he has lived for more than a decade. Surprised to hear this information, Marlene Colin categorically refused the marriage and decided to turn their back on their relationship.

Jacmel follows closely the evolution of this case and awaits the formal indictment of Rigaud Ernest. The defendant must return to court early in the week for judicial proceedings.

On social networks, several youth groups plan to launch protests in the coming days in Jacmel to denounce the murderous murder of Marlene Colin and violence against women in general.

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