The United Nations has collected less than 1% of $400 million Haiti cholera funds

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Following the recent decision of the Donald Trump administration to not contribute to a $400 million UN funds to compensate Haiti's cholera victims and finance Haiti's potable water infrastructures, the United Nations has announced that it would not be able to fulfill its promise to the Haitian people. Speaking to the General Assembly on Wednesday, June 14th, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed insisted that there must be a "new approach to fighting cholera in Haiti,"

The Trump administration will not contribute to U.N fund to compensate Haiti's cholera victims

Mohammed warned that failure to move to the implementation stage could dissipate the goodwill of the Haitian people, increase their suffering as a result of that crisis of health and ultimately cause deeper damage to the UN's reputation, said the high official, while reaffirming the determination of  the Secretary General, António Guterres to carry out this initiative. 

The Deputy Secretary-General noted that cholera cases declined since Hurricane Matthew hit the Caribbean nation in October last year. 

At this time, the levels are the lowest since the outbreak and attributed the decline to the response and efforts included in the first phase of the new UN approach. 

Currently reported cases amount to 6,762, compared with 16,822 in the same period in 2016. 

The new strategy presented by the UN in December last year seeks to intensify the organization's support to improve access to health care and treatment. The disease, and ultimately eliminate its transmission in the country.

Cholera was introduced in Haiti by UN nepalese peacekeepers carrying a stain of the disease which has since killed oer 10.000 Haitians and sicken 800.000 more.

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