The number of cholera cases in Haiti has fallen to its lowest level, according to latest UN study

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According to the United Nations, the number of cholera cases in Haiti for the year 2018, has fallen to its lowest level since the waterborne epidemic began in 2010.

Specifically, in January of this year, there were only 432 suspected cases and four cholera related deaths, which represents an unprecedented drop of 77 and 87 % year-on-year, reports the U.N Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in its latest study, published at the begging of March.

While the United Nations has highlighted and applauded this unexpected progress, it has appealed to continue fighting the epidemic “with the same intensity” to avoid a new recovery.

The deadly epidemic was introduced to Haiti by Nepalese UN  peacekeepers deployed in Haiti in the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake in 2010, after dumping raw sewage into the Artibonite’s River, Haiti’s longest. The disease has since claimed the lives of nearly 10.000 Haitians and rendered sick another 800.000 thousands. It took six years for the UN to acknowledge any wrongdoings and issued an apology.

The relationship between the Haitian Government and the International organization has recently returned to the news in a negative light as a results of comments from the Representative of the U.N Secretary General’s, Susan Page, made in regards to the PetroCaribe corruption scandal and the murders of citizens by Haitian Police officers.

Haiti has since recalled Its Ambassador to the U.N and cancelled its attendance at a high-level UN meeting on Cholera; while the U.N Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, after a tense phone call with the Haitian President, has also recalled Susan Page, for consultation. It is not clear if she will return to her post.

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