The mandate of 10 Haitian Senators will come to terms in 2018, but they want to stay in their post till 2020

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Before the National Assembly next Monday, which will mark the opening of the ordinary session, the joint commission working on the situation of ten senators at the end of their terms should submit its report. By this weekend, this structure of three representatives of the National Palace and three senators will say whether the principal of ten senators will end this year or in January 2020.

"Monday is the return to parliament; by this weekend we must find a solution "on the situation of the ten senators at the end of their terms," said Thursday to the Nouvelliste Rénald Lubérice, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and member of the joint special commission to find a solution on the situation of one-third of the Senate. The solution, he said, must be as close as possible to the law and help maintain the stability of the country.

In fact, it is a question of deciding whether the ten senators at the end of their terms must leave this year to allow the elections to be held next October or if we will extend their term until January 2020. The Secretary General of the Council Ministers admit that the situation of the ten senators is a complex one because, he said, the law is not clear what needs to be done in this case.

Rénald Lubérice referred to Article 50.3 of the electoral decree, which specifies the length of the term of office of senators. According to this article, "On the occasion of senatorial elections involving both a renewal and one or two vacancies within the same department, voters vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies. The candidate with the highest number of votes remains in office until the second Monday in January of the sixth year of his mandate. The Senator elected with an immediately lower number of votes shall fill the vacancy incurred during the term of office for the time remaining. Any third elected senator, the one who comes in third, ends the term that comes to term first. "

According to Mr. Lubérice, the biggest question the board had to answer was what vacancy was there?

Without wishing to give the committee's conclusion, Rénald Lubérice informed the newspaper that their recommendation will allow the Senate to continue fulfilling its mission while remaining as close as possible to the law.

The law does not say what needs to be done about the ten senators at the end of their tenure, he said. It's complicated sometimes to reconcile the interest of one and the other, he admitted. "We will find a solution that will not put the Parliament in a dysfunctional situation," he announced, suggesting, without saying, that the commission will recommend an extension of ten senators.

Senator Kedlaire Augustin, a member of the joint commission, told Nouvelliste on Thursday that senators have agreed that to return to constitutional normality, elections to renew one-third of the Senate must be held in October 2019. According to him , the National Palace is not against this projection. ( Although the President has previously wished for these elections to be held in October 2018.)

For those who say that it is the head of state who will decide the end or an extension of the term of the third of the Senate, Rénald Lubérice noted that the President of the Republic is also an elected and can not not decide on the term of office of the other elected representatives. However, he said, Jovenel Moïse, guarantor of the political stability of the country, "will have to decide ..."

According to him, in order to maintain the political stability necessary for the country's development, the National Assembly must be held normally next Monday.

Since the law is not specific to the situation of these ten senators at the end of their mandate, Mr. Lubérice insisted that the solution as close as possible to the law and which allows the maintenance of political stability must be found. .

Antonio Chéramy, Evalière Beauplan, Nawoom Marcelus, Jacques Sauveur Jean, Carl Murat Cantave, Wilfrid Gelin, Ricard Pierre, Hervé Fourcand, Saurel Jacinthe and Francener Dénius are the ten senators whose term will come to an end first.

At first, the President of the Republic wanted to organize elections in October this year to replace these ten senators who constitute one third of the Senate. However, for the ten parliamentarians concerned referring to the Constitution which stipulates that senators are elected for six years, these elections should not take place before October 2019.

To solve the problem, the National Palace and the Senate had set up, a few months ago, a joint commission composed of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Rénald Lubérice, and special advisers of the Head of State Liné Balthazar and Gerd Pasquet, for the executive, and senators Carl Murat Cantave, Ronald Larêche and Kedlaire Augustin for the Senate.

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