TheHaitian police reported the seizure of 13 kilograms of cocaine and 185 kilograms of marijuana in transactions primarily in January 2015.

The deputy spokesman of the PNH, Gary Desrosiers says four firearms were seized and 5 vehicles confiscated during these interventions.

The police continued investigations in the context of the fight against kidnapping. 8 individuals were arrested, says Desrosiers.

The judicial authorities have launched search notices against 22 other gang members involved in acts of kidnapping and forcible confinement. Of the 8 removal authors arrested include two escaped from the National Penitentiary January 12, 2010.

Mr. Desrosiers argues that five of the kidnappers sought are dangerous criminals.

The cell against removal of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) and parquet continuing their investigations to track down the kidnappers says Mr. Desrosiers urging citizens to play their part by collaborating with the police and denounce criminals.

At the same time the police have arrested two people involved in the murder of police officer Gregory Georges on January 21, 2015. A 38-caliber pistol was seized and confiscated as well as vehicle as part of  this investigation.

The police spokesman revealed that a total of 37 individuals, including some accused of involvement in robberies, were arrested during the period from January 5 to February 5, 2015.

It calls on citizens to report the presence of suspicious individuals in their neighborhoods to facilitate the work of the investigators of the judicial police. He noted that the security forces can not alone guarantee a safe climate. All sectors must work together with the police to rout criminals, he suggested.