The Catholic church in Haiti condemns "with firmness" verbal threats against cardinal Chibly Langlois, during funeral of father Joseph Simoly

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The Episcopal Conference of Haiti (Ceh) condemns "with firmness" the verbal threats made against Cardinal Chibly Langlois, who celebrated, Saturday, December 30, 2017, the funeral of the priest Joseph Simoly, shot dead, Thursday, December 21, 2017, in Pétionville (eastern periphery), at the age of 54 years.
People who have no connection with the spiritual and biological families of the latter have tried to exploit this ceremony by making a racket inside the church, at the time of Joseph Simoly's funeral, at the cathedral from Port-au-Prince, it reports.

These disrupters have launched violent remarks, which have escalated to become threats against the Cardinal's person, It criticizes.

The CEH expresses all its support and solidarity to the cardinal and requires the highest state authorities that adequate measures are taken to protect him.

The conference believes that this maneuver, infamous in Its eyes, is an attempt to manipulate public opinion in favor of the perpetrators of the villainous murder of the priest.
"What happened in the precincts of the transitional cathedral is also a violation of the right of the deceased to obtain a dignified funeral and the duty of the audience to honor the memory of the priest Joseph Simoly", the note said.

The latter "was a priest who had a deep respect for his neighbor", and "did not deserve such an affront," rebels the Episcopal Conference.

The CEH renews its sympathies to the family of Joseph Simoly who is deeply affected, it said, by these disorders that aimed at the murder a second time.

The provocations and manipulations will not weaken the Church, their authors have failed miserably in their Machiavellian project and their cynical plan, it argues.

"The Church will remain committed more than ever to fighting corruption, inequality and social injustice and promoting the integral development of Haitian women and men", it said.

"It is unacceptable that the judicial and police authorities let the perpetrators, co-perpetrators and accomplices of this horrific murder continue to circulate with impunity. Justice must be done! Justice is essential for security, order, peace and the establishment of the rule of law in Haiti. Justice raises a nation; but impunity is the opprobrium, the ignominy, the shame of a people. "

The Episcopal Conference of Haiti wishes the outcome of the investigation to find the perpetrators of this heinous crime in order to treat them in accordance with the law.

The National Police of Haiti (Pnh) announced that an investigation is opened to find the guilty of the crime against Joseph Simoly, shot dead, Thursday, December 21, 2017, Pétionville

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