The Catholic Church did not find an agreement with Haitian government for its participation at the electoral commission

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The Catholic Church did not find an agreement with the executive in regard to the participation of its representative to the electoral assessment commission. Negotiations between the Haitian authorities and the president of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti, Cardinal Chibly Langlois, continued past the weekend.

The spokesman of the Episcopal Conference, Mgr. Patrick Aris, was appointed by the head of state to be a member of the Election Assessment Committee.

Mr Aris says that  he requested information from the Haitian authorities on the functioning of the commission, the flexibility of Commissioners and the composition of the commission. These conditions are prerequisites before defining the terms of reference of the commission, said Mr Aris.

Before each participation in a political matter, the Catholic church poses prior condition, said the prelate who stressed that the dialogue between the leaders of the executive and the leaders of the Haitian Catholic Church are still ongoing.

He would not make prognosis on the outcome of negotiations recalling the discussions in politics can be intense. The prelate also noted that several sectors of the Haitian state must give their opinion during these negotiations.

The investiture of the members of the Evaluation Commission was delayed because of negotiations between the Catholic Church and the Martelly administration.

Prime Minister Paul Evans had hoped that the evaluation commission can floor on the records of the electoral crisis in the best delay.

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