Tensions in Pelerin, as police evicted five families "living too close" to the Haitian President's private residence

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The Western departmental director of the National Police, who was informed by the Port-au-Prince government commissioner, proceeded on Wednesday to the eviction of several families living in the area of ​​Pèlerin, a district bordering the private residence of the president of the Republic. An operation that created a panic in the area and paralyzed the traffic for several hours.

Demonstration, stone throwing, barricades burning , detonations of firearms, police car burned ... A sharp tension reigned Wednesday in the area of ​​residence of the President of the Republic in Pèlerin, a neighborhood in the town of Pétion-Ville. People were protesting against the desertion of several families living in Pèlerin, the neighborhood where Jovenel Moïse's private residence is located.

According to the head of the National Police in the Department of the West, there is anarchic construction in the heights of the private residence of the President of the Republic. Berson Soljour said that despite the ban of the town hall of Pétion-Ville, the construction continued.

The divisional commissioner pointed out that at the request of the government commissioner of Port-au-Prince, there was an eviction operation in Pèlerin against five or six houses illegally built in the area. The operations began on Tuesday and the next day there were protest movements.

There was a disturbance of public order at Pelerin 5 to Laboule 12, said Commissioner Berson Soljour who reported Wednesday night at the Nouvelliste that the police had control of the situation.

He denounced, however, the fact that people attacked police officers who were in Pelerin and burned a police car in the same area. The police officer reported that an investigation was under way to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack against law enforcement officials.

In a correspondence from the Port-au-Prince Government Commissioner sent to the departmental director of the West of the PNH, we read: "Given the request addressed to the Government Commissioner by the Director General of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) in dated 2 July 2018 denouncing individuals who illegally occupy spaces that are an integral part of the private domains of the State;

Considering that the illegally occupied space is near the official residence of the presidential family;

Considering that the illegal occupation of this portion of land, private domain of the State, threatens the life and safety of the presidential family; the government commissioner at the IPT / PAP requires you to take all the measures deemed necessary and necessary to ensure that these illegal occupants of the private domain of the State are immediately dislodged so that the safety of honest people in the area is properly ensured. "

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