Taiwan's Foreign Minister to attend Haiti's presidential inauguaration

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Taiwan's Foreign Minister David Lee will arrive in Haiti today to attend Jovenel Moïse's presidential inauguration, on Tuesday, the island's diplomacy said in a statement.

Lee, representing Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, heads a Taiwanese delegation that will remain in Haiti until Friday and will attend Moïse's inauguration ceremony on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry said.

Lee will present congratulations to the government and the people of Taiwan to Moïse, 58th President of the Republic of Haiti.

During his stay in Haiti, Lee will meet with the new Haitian president Jovenel Moïse and Foreign Minister Pierrot Delienne. He is also expected to tour a Taiwanese tissue factory in Port-au-Prince and humanitarian projects.

Taiwan and Haiti have maintained friendly relations for the past 60 years and have fostered close bilateral cooperation in many areas.

Moïse appreciates the ties between the two countries and hopes to continue promoting cooperation in several programs, the ministry added, adding that Haiti and Taiwan will strive to deepen diplomatic relations and improve the well-being of people in both countries.

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