Six teens were assassinated in Haiti on Tuesday

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Six teenagers were murdered on Tuesday at 10 pm, at Brochette 95, in the commune of Carrefour. These young people were seated as usual, according to the witnesses, in front of the house where the young Patrice Dorvil lives, in Savannah Street, when suddenly two unidentified individuals arrived who shot these teenagers; their age is estimated at 16 years.

"It's incomprehensible, it's inconceivable, this heinous crime that has been perpetrated," said the big brother of the one of the murdered. His mother, Rose Marie Télamour, who saw her two sons Robenson and Robens Lafleur disappear at a stroke, could not restrain her tears in this painful circumstance. "It is pure wickedness, for the minors know neither their left nor their right. Why destroy their lives? " She wonders, surrounded by relatives, friends and neighbors who were disturbed by this tragic event in the neighborhood. "The police arrived on the scene after the murder while the criminals were on foot," said Ronald, a relative of 16-year-old Patrice Dorvil. Challenging the police in this tragedy, he says that the grade 9 pupil is attending the University College of Haiti.

Gregory, Bata, Irvens are the names of the other young victims of the drama from a neighborhood near Savannah Street between Brochette 95 and 97

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