Shortage of gasoline in Port-in-Prince due to tanker delay

Posted by MetropoleHaiti on Saturday, January 6, 2018 Under: Economy
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The National Association of Petroleum Distributors (Anadipp) confirms a scarcity of fuel since the beginning of the year.

Anadipp President David Turnier says the tanker's delay is the cause of fuel scarcity at several service stations across the country. He understands that the oil order placed by the Office for Monetization of Official Development Assistance (BMPAD) could be delivered Friday, January 6, 2018.

The shortage is likely to increase during this day, he insists. The president of Anadipp warns that bad behavior of consumers could worsen the situation before the arrival of the tanker.

If the tanker makes the delivery at Thor's terminal tomorrow Friday the oil products could be available during the day of Sunday, January 8, 2018.

Only gasoline is concerned by this scarcity, suggested Mr. Turnier. He refrained from commenting on this scarcity as it was up to BMPAD officials to provide explanations.

However, he points out that these recurrent rarities could easily be avoided.

At the end of each year, motorists are confronted with a scarcity of hydrocarbons. Mr. Turnier reports that data is available that could allow BMPAD to place a substantial order on behalf of the oil companies.

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