Senator Patrice Dumont asks for investigation into $1.50 taxes on money transfers and ¢50 on phone calls

Posted by on Friday, April 6, 2018 Under: Corruptions
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"Honorable Joseph Lambert
President of the Senate of the Republic
In his offices

Subject: Parliamentary control.

Honorable President.

I present you my compliments and ask you to invite the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank within ten clear days, to put at the disposal of the Senate of the Republic the data concerning the funds constituted since June 2011 by taxes of $ 1.50 on transfers of Haitians from the diaspora and those of five cents per minute on international calls.

Specifically, I expect the Minister and the Governor to let the nation know how much money has already been in the coffers of the state since the creation of these two taxes, what has this money been used for, and the balance of these funds when they receive this mail.

Please accept, Honorable President, my best regards.

Patrice Dumont
Senator of the Republic."

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