Samantha Power encourages all Haitian political actors to work together to organize overdue elections

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The mission of the United Nations Security Council which visited Haiti from January 23 to 25, yesterday presented a report to the Board.

The Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, Ms. Samantha Power, in her speech expressed concern due to the loss of some control over presidential power. She said that all parties should "intensify efforts for a constructive dialogue to ensure free and fair elections" in Haiti.

Samantha Power, who co presided the UN Security Council mission in Haiti, is encouraged by the efforts of President Michel Martelly at the head of a multi-party government, believing that the control and looking for some balance of power was essential.

The members of the Security Council were also impressed by the commitment to independence shown by the new Provisional Electoral Council.

The Permanent Representative of Chile, Cristián Barros Melet, whom also chaired the Security Council , recalled that the Council wanted to emphasize the importance of an inclusive and constructive atmosphere in Haiti so that 'there are achieved political stability, governance and democratic development, and that conflict prevention is promoted.

According to Mr. Barros Melet, the Security Council members, during their visit, reaffirmed their support for Haiti, urging all political actors to work towards the holding of legislative, municipal and local elections free, fair, open and transparent to all.

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