Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has already spent US$50 million to expand its cruise-ship port on the private verdant, breath taking island of 
Labadee, off Haiti‚Äôs northern  coast; in order to accommodate its largest cruise ships. Last year, Labadee received 600,000 passengers; in 2012 and in 2013, the numbers of passengers are expected to reach over a million, Keep in mid that the Haitian Government receives U$6 for each tourist. Royal Caribbean Cruises is also one of the largest employers in Haiti's Northern region with 300 locals employees, and it also allows 200 merchants, mainly artists, to sell their goods on the premises. Investments by Royal Caribbean Cruises include the building of a modern road between Labadee and La Citadelle and the Sans Souci Palace; both, UNESCO World Heritage sites. The impressively majestic Citadelle is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere; It took more than a decade and the labor of more than 20.000 workers to build this massive fortress.  Early in 2014 Royal Caribbean has announced it usage of its largest and most sophisticated cruise ships; the Quantoms of The Seas, to serve the northeastern clientel of the United States, mainly from New York, to Labadee.