Lawyers activists fiercest opponents to current Haitian government, Newton St Juste and Andre Michel, called on the population to civil disobedience and self-defense against what they call an "aggressive system set up by the regime against the Haitian people."

The country is facing a political disaster from this January 12, 2015, said Mr Newton St Juste, inviting people to use all peaceful weapons, democratic, to fight against the power in place which says does has done nothing to lift people out of poverty and instead being enriched through corruption.

Mr Newton said that President Martelly will publish a series of decrees against the population of which one of them will be to discharge the members of the outgoing government despite corruption of which they are accused.

The lawyer denounced the interference of the US Ambassador to Haiti Pamela White, in the country's affairs. "The support of the US ambassador to Martelly can not allow him to retain power", said Mr St Juste.

"It is unacceptable that Martelly is leading by decree", for its part, indicated André Michel inviting the population to the general mobilization for the departure of Martelly.

According to Andre Michel, the president is now facing the real political actors. "Martelly will have no chance, he will leave," said the activist lawyer while announcing a new mobilization schedule.