Protests at Labadee forced cruise ship to turn around

Posted by on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Under: Security

Protests against the elections in Haiti seems to new reach heights, today about a hundred protesters on board many small wooden boats have penetrated the usually secured premises of Labadee, the famous cruise port in Cap Haitien.

These demonstrators protesting against the next round of the presidential election, have circled the cruise ship Freedom of the Seas, forcing it to turn around leaving Labadee even before tourists could disembark.

Labadee, a private beach rented to Royal Caribbean Cruise, has managed to operate in the country since 1986 despite the political instability that characterize Haiti, due to its closure not allowing access to the local people.

This unfortunate situation, as the country tries to emerge as a tourist destination, has the potential to reverse all the incredible work that has been done so far and scares away investors interested in  the Haitian market.

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