Protesting students blocked the south of the Haitian capital

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Car traffic was virtually impossible for hours at 5th Avenue Bolosse, south of Port-au-Prince, Wednesday following a protest movement initiated by students of the Training Center for Basic School (CFEF). Their grievances include "the payment of a year of internship, the appointment of a director at the head of the CFEF, the running costs of the institution and the rehabilitation of space for better learning".

A strong tension prevailed in the surroundings of the establishment and even provoked a monster plug of portal Léôgane in Martissant. Public transport linking Port-au-Prince to the South Department was totally paralyzed. Through burning tires placed on the road in front of the CFEF, students, red with anger, barricaded for hours the street by throwing an electric pylon on the way. If the bikers were able to circumvent the barricade, drivers remained frozen behind their wheel under the helpless glances of the agents of the order who were on the premises but who could not restore order.

Student protesters have criticized the lack of willingness of the Minister of Education, Pierre Josué Agenor Cadet, to meet their demands. "It's been more than a month since we've exposed our grievances to the highest levels of the state, we're now deciding to make our voices heard in another way," slipped one of them. He explains in passing that the commission in charge of restructuring the CFEF has resigned as to evoke the extent of the crisis.

Students lashed out at the state's passivity, which did nothing to "walk the talk" of the only school that deals with teacher training at the grassroots level. The latter are threatening to resume their protests if the authorities persist in ignoring their demands.

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