President of Haitian Senate, Yourie Latortue paid moving respect to Rene Preval

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"I bow, with respect, to the departure of President René Préval for the Eternal. y sincere sympathies to his biological and political family."

"It is with these remarks that a few minutes after receiving the news of the death of the former President René Préval, I saluted the departure of this 'Mapou' of contemporary Haitian politics. This unexpected departure deeply shook me and collectively anxiously frightened all the Constituted Fathers gathered and retained throughout the weekend for a working retreat . Faced with the prominent status of the political actor, in front of the statesman that was René Préval, I can not content myself with the two laconic phrases, though rich in meaning, published on my Facebook page. It is therefore incumbent on me to make a last resounding homage to the man of Marmelade, who undeniably will have imprinted his indelible mark on two decades of Haitian political history.

I want to remind you that René Préval and I did not always espouse the same political readings. Very often, as part of my first term as a Senator, I was diametrically opposed to some of his initiatives. However, in doing so, I have never experienced a feeling of insecurity for any crime of lese-Presidency because, if I have always criticized the laxity of President Préval, I always touted its spirit of tolerance. I have always said and even lived : 'René Préval had non-confrontational relations with democratic practices' Was he perfect ? He can not be, in any case. However, no one has better than him composed with the cardinal principles as indicators of democracy.

At the moment when this Patriarch makes the great crossing after having amply filled his day, I prostrate before his memory as a sign of profound meditation on the life and work of man whose the evocation of the name is often associated with a certain form of wisdom and political elegance.

Goodbye President ! Posterity will still proudly remember your assets while learning from your passives ! Goodbye, then, President ! Since the subtle plans where you have just elected your home since this afternoon of March 3, 2017.

Light !

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