President of Haitian Senate, Youri Latortue, blasts President Moise's statement in Paris regarding corruption

Posted by Lenouvelliste on Saturday, December 16, 2017
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"A bad signal, a regrettable statement,"
Youri Latortue did not draw much to find qualifiers to the statement of Jovenel Moise on the PetroCaribe report in Paris. Indeed, in front of hundreds of Haitians, the president likened the Senate report to an attempt at political persecution and indexed "an eagerness to divert attention." "But thanks be to God, I have people everywhere. I have people inside the system, we found a way to drag things, " confided the president on stage in a meeting with compatriots in Paris.

On Magik9 this Friday, Youri Latortue agreed with the president on the issue of political persecution. "No one should be persecuted on the basis of their political affiliation," he argues. However, nuance Latortue, the president made a mistake in his comments on the report. "This report is the work of the Haitian Parliament, an independent power. Articles 59 and 60 of the Constitution are clear. The Senate, after conducting its investigation, according to Article 118 of the Constitution, can follow up at the level of the courts, " he says.

Youri Latortue says he will discuss with the head of state, on his return to Port-au-Prince, the principle of respect for the three powers. A principle that he believes the president does not have the right to question. "He can see that independent powers are doing their job. He can encourage this to be done impartially. But a statement in which he stands in front of the parliamentarians is regrettable. A president can not interfere in the affairs of the legislature, just as a senator can not interfere in the affairs of the executive. The Senate will continue to do its job since it is part of an independent power and it intends to keep its independence, "he promises.

On the fight against corruption, which Moise says is his battle horse, Latortue believes that the harmonization of all institutions is essential. "If the president wants to fight corruption, all the institutions must harmonize in this direction. UCREF, ULCC, the Inspectorate General of Finance, the Parliament, the Superior Court of Accounts, all these institutions are there to fight against corruption, " he says.

In addition, Jovenel Moïse also denounced the fact that the report is already in the hands of a judge. Respondent Youri Latortue remarked that it was the judiciary that had asked Parliament to provide a report on a specific fact. "This is the assassination of Robert Marcelo, former director of the National Procurement Commission (CNMP) and another citizen. When we conducted our investigation of corruption, we discovered that men died. We also received information. Judge Wilner Morin does not investigate PetroCaribe funds. This has been clear in the correspondence. He is investigating a specific fact. We in Parliament have discovered information. And the president of the Supreme Council of the judiciary is interested in this information, " he said, recalling that it is information contained in the first report - on which the Senate has ruled and demanded a deepening - which have been transferred to the judiciary.

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