President Moise invites french companies to come invest in Haiti

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Haitian President Jovenel Moise, heading a sizable delegation made up of the Ministers of Economy and Finance; Foreign Affairs and Minister of Environment, as well as some heavy weights from the Haitian private sectors, such as Bernard Craan, Gregory Brandt, Jean-Marc Apollon, 
Joël Bonnefil and Allan Zuraik among others, Monday night held an important work meeting with the Board of Directors of France-Central America Caribbean, co-chaired by Mr. Jean Philippe Thenoz, Board representative at MEDEF International, Central Director of Group Business Development, and Paul Olivier, Vice Chairman of France Amérique Centale et Caraibes' Board of MEDEF International and Director of Saget Development.

This meeting aims to further strengthen French investments in Haiti, according to Mr. Thenoz who represented all the companies of the Haitian delegation attending this event, eager to strengthen their presence in Haiti.   

President moise also highlighted the priority sectors of his administration, namely, control of surface water, energy, environment, agribusiness, tourism, livestock, textile and urban development.

Investing in Haiti, as everywhere else, requires prerequisites, remarked President Moise who stressed the fact that Haiti has just enacted a set of laws to improve the business climate, facilitate trade and comply with international standards. Many bills, agreements and conventions, including the EPA, are under consideration in Parliament. With regard to the EPA, the President said that the Haitian Business Sector is in favor of adopting this text with certain accommodations.

He also highlighted a number of incentives put in place by the Haitian state to attract investors in various sectors, including:

- the possibility of total exemption from income tax for a period of fifteen (15) consecutive years;

- The possibility of obtaining a customs and tax exemption on imports of equipment and materials necessary for the establishment and operation of the enterprise;

- The possibility of exemption from taxes on the payroll.

At the end of the intervention, the President of the Republic reiterated his will to work relentlessly to attract foreign direct investment in Haiti and, as a result, invited the members of the MEDEF to make a prospection visit, all by guaranteeing them the technical support and the regulatory procedures of the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI).

Asked about the business climate, Bernard Craan believes that the environment is conducive to investment. "For the moment, there is political stability," he says. There may be some disputes but no political instability. Institutions are in place. We must certainly improve the investment climate but I think it is conducive. "

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