President Moise held business meeting with Belgian businessmen

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As part of his European tour, President Jovenel Moïse, was received, as well as the members of his delegation, by a second group of Belgian businessmen and women this Wednesday, December 13 2017.

After the introductory remarks of Mr. Olivier Willock, Managing Director of BECI, who presented for the Haitian delegation the environment of the Business of Belgium, the Haitian Head of State shared with the audience the vision of change of his administration. He took the opportunity to outline his many initiatives to reform the state, attract direct investment, create jobs and promote political and social stability in Haiti.

Among the priority sectors of his administration, the Head of State mentioned the control of surface water, the environment, energy, tourism, textiles and urban development.

As a reminder to Belgian entrepreneurs, he pointed out that Haiti is less than two hours by air from the North American market where we also enjoy many advantages. The President of course refers to the HELP / HOPE law which facilitates the free movement and entry into the United States of America, excluding customs duties, of a set of products, mainly clothes made in Haiti.

Both delegations agreed on the need for continued close collaboration with a view to developing a mutually beneficial partnership.

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