Port-au-Prince Jazz Festival comes to an end

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Chardavoine, Yellow Jacquets, troker, Ranee Lee, Sebastian Jordan, Maya Azucena. It's a nice handful of musicians from North and South America that ensured the official opening of the ninth PAP Jazz January 17 and 18 on two stages signed House (Sugar Cane Park) and Air France (Karibe hotel).

They filled us with emotions by issuing skillfully with high dimension and successful, their musical themes, their titles dominate all rhythms. These artists from all backgrounds have sharpened our appetite for jazz brewed beautifully in a style setting. No mess, they performed sentences entangled partitions, to grow them and sublimate the arrangements worked.

Troker (Mexico, country of honor) at the beginning of the show, loves jazz instrumental dressed or amplified sound effects mixed by DJ Zero. The quintet format orchestra offers a fine blend of hip-hop and rock. Gil Cervantes on trumpet, Samo Gonzalez on bass, Chris Jemenez the keyboard, Tibo Santillanes saxophone play about six songs that show their love for Enrique Neri, Iraida Noriega, Son de Madera, the heirs of the Mexican mariachi or huapongo. The six titles executed without any mess, are engraved on their latest album, "Crimen Sonoro", released in 2014. Among them: "Clarosuro" (Title IX), "El Loco" (eighth track), "Tequila Death" and "El príncipe charro" respectively fifth and second title found on the album.
Chardavoine and ambitious "Haitian jazz", born from the crossing of jazz and traditional music, is warmly welcomed. Guitarist is meant to express, on his sleeve, his version "Mèsi Bondye" (dedicated to fire Frantz Casséus, songwriter) and "Latibonit" on which it rests typical jazz harmonies. Accompanied by Michael O'Briend (bass), Kim Plainfield (drums), Gary Fisher (piano), Lesly Rogers (trumpet) and Norbert Stacher sax, Chardavoine offers us "Happy to be nappy", a tribute to frizzy hair.

Crucible instrumentalists to copy path, the Yellow Jacquets group guest of honor by the Haiti Jazz Foundation, closing this first festival night. "Spirit of the wets," "The red sea", "Tenacity" "Claire's song," and "When the lady dances" found on the last album "A rise in the road." The titles give off that fresh jazz-fusion, confirm their improvisational skills (impeccable comments energetic drummer William Kennedy) and do not fail to meditation. Russell Ferrante (keyboards), Bob Mintzer (sax), Felix Pastorius (bass) are gifted coaches and unerring virtuosity.

Sunday was shunned pandemonium annoying pre-carnival revelers, bulky highway (Delmas) and pavements for a first night bambochade. Karibe Hotel, head straight. And there was yet tasted the beauty of jazz.

About 6 am when 55 Chilean trumpeter Sebastian Jordan opens the evening. Peers: Rodrigo Espinoza (bass), Matias Marpones (drums), Lautaro Quevedo (piano), Agustin Moya (saxophone), it is a pure jazz, complicated in sustained chords, the majestic detours that unearths. It is a harmonious quintet that Latin-jazz, ballads and swing in the blood and it offers a bouquet of thoughtful melodies. No rhythm imbalance. Awesome anyway!
And Ranee Lee, this powerful and arduously trained voice: what about this idol and mistress scat surfing on his voice full of swing directory. Emotional, there is not like her. Ranee Lee, is a point of funk, bossa nova, the ballad, as sweet as curvy. Seductive power, light deflections, boundless energy and his face did not move a fold. His voice is not confined to a specific style. She did well to swell the ranks of Nina and Ella.

Maya Azucena dress hinting pierced his chest, tattoo on the forearm, climbed the stage Air France/Karibe for an amazing performance. It reveals his passion for rap (inviting two young Haitian children in a freestyle), hip-hop. The singer activist celebrates the eternal Bob Marley in a reggae song. It causes her modulated voice, a captivated audience, succumbed to his charm and charisma. It was two beautiful scented jazz nights where we came out rejuvenated and edified.

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