Platform Renmen Ayiti was amazed to learn that members from
its Board and Spokesperson on occasion, Mrs Euvonie
Georges Auguste was appointed member of a certain "Electoral Commission" created 
by the Administration Martelly-Paul.

The ethical rules, factory-mark of the Platform and its leaders force us to
renounce the appointment of Mrs. Auguste Euvonie and urge her to refrain from
participating in the work of this Commission, until the authorities withdraw her name from
this illegal and inappropriate decision.

The Council of the Platform Renmen Ayiti informs the entire population and all areas of national  life that it can not accept the participation of Madame Euvonie
Georges Auguste in the Commission which is contrary to the request of
G8, which our presidential candidate is part of.  

The G8 is clear in
its demands expressed in all its positions. The Administration
Martelly Paul has formed "THEIR COMMISSION", not the one demanded by
the G8's on its latest released note of December 11, 2015 signed by all
members demanding an "Independent Commission" with the task of restoring the integrity of the election .... ".