Haiti has been without a Prime Minister for more than a week

July 23, 2018
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Haiti has been without a functional government for more than a week now, following the resignation of Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, on July 14, over violent protests that erupted against his government’s decision to end fuel subsidies causing prices to go up by up to 51%.

Lafontant resigned as Prime Minister in the middle of a special Parliamentary session  where lawmakers where suppose to hold a  no-confidence vote in his government. 

Haitian President Jovenel Moise who accepted the resignation, has carried out consultations with personalities of different sectors in Haiti, including politicians, representatives of the private sector as well as diplomats accredited in Haiti. "My goal is to listen to everyone's opinions and to create an inclusive government that generates trust and through dialogue to find a prime minister soon,

An official residence for the Senate's President: 7.2 million gourdes paid by the Senate

July 19, 2018
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An official residence for the Senate Speaker at Thomassin 25, costing 7.2 million gourdes annually, is the news that ignites social networks this week. In the face of this highly criticized decision in a country where the majority of the population is languishing in misery, the Senate Speaker, Joseph Lambert, tries to wash himself, but unveils other holes in which the authorities pour the money of the Haitian taxpayer.

It is a dispute, described as pre-electoral by some, between the elected of...

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The Haitian President is in search of a new Prime Minister

July 18, 2018

Presidents of both branches of Parliament are expected Tuesday at the National Palace for the first stage of consultations around the choice of the new Prime Minister. Gary Bodeau, Joseph Lambert and Jovenel Moïse will talk about the profile of the second Prime Minister of the Head of State in 17 months of governance

About 72 hours after the resignation of Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant and his government, the press has still not seen the resignation of the resigned head of government. The...

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Why couldn't Haiti National Police, the reconstituted Army and MINUJUSTH stop the violent chaos in Haiti?

July 16, 2018
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Haitians erupted in anger last week after the government decided to stop subsidizing fuel which raised prices by up to 51%. Mass demonstrations quickly turned into tire burnings, violent riotings and looting. Dozens of businesses were vandalized by arson, including two major hotels in the heart of Haiti’s wealthiest district, Petion Ville. At least four people were killed.

The situation deteriorated so quickly that the government was forced to walk back its decision and cancel the price hike...

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Haitian President promises that new government will be "inclusive"

July 15, 2018

In an address to the nation on the air of the National Television of Haiti (TNH) Saturday, July 14, 2018 late evening, the President of the Republic said he received and accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister and his government, summoned a little earlier in the Chamber of Deputies.

Breaking News: Haiti's Prime Minister resigns in the middle of crisis

Jovenel Moise promises to continue consultations with different sectors of society to form an inclusive government. Throughout the week fo...

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Breaking News: Haiti's Prime Minister resigns in the middle of crisis

July 14, 2018

Haiti's Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, on Saturday gave his resignation to the President of the Republic Jovenel Moïse before facing a motion of censure in the Chamber of Deputies for the way he handled a failed attempt to increase fuel rates and the inaction of his government in the face of unrest against that measure.

According to Lafontant his resignation would be accepted by President Moïse.

The Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic and the private sector demanded the resig...

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Mass protests demanding departure of Haitian President as Parliament vote on Prime Minister's future

July 14, 2018

Mass demonstrations to demand the departure of President Jovenel Moise, are currently taking place in many populous neighborhoods in Haiti, the same day the Haitian Parliament is suppose to hold a special session which is expected to result in a no-confidence vote in the Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant. 

The special session which was scheduled for 10 AM has still not taken place, two hours later. According to the rules, ther...

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Breaking News: Haiti's Prime Minister today faces no-confidence vote

July 14, 2018
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The fallout from the failed attempt of the Haitian government to raised fuel prices continues a week after violent protests and looting erupted in respond to the would be price hike, as Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, today faces a no-confidence vote during a special parliamentary session.

The embattled Prime Minister has been resisting calls from nearly every sector in Haiti for him to resign, Lafontant is blamed for the crisis since he was the one to authorize gas prices to go up by 51%.


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Haitian Senate will formally ask Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant to resign

July 13, 2018
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The Senate of the Republic is preparing to ask the Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant to resign from his position to unblock the situation. "A petition will be made public shortly," said Thursday, Senator Denis Cadeau, a member of the pro-government bloc to the big body.

The elected of the Nippes informs that several senators have already affixed their signature at the bottom of this document. Other options are currently under study to find a way out of this crisis that the country is going th...

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Haitian Police arrested 64 for alleged looting during unrest

July 13, 2018

Haitian authorities detained 64 people for their alleged participation in riots and looting during three days of violent protests against the government's failed attempt to increase fuel prices.

Ocname Clame Dameus, prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, considered that no demands can be made through looting, devastation and the destruction of private property. 

Breaking News: Best Western and Royal Oasis hotels in Haiti vandalized during protests over gas prices increase

The riots broke out on July 6 af...

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