Nominated Haitian Prime Minister submits his documents to Parliament

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The nominated Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant made Friday the deposit of his documents, first in the Senate, then in the Chamber of Deputies, as part of his march towards the Primature.

It was almost noon when the nominated Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant landed aboard a white Land Cruiser, escorted by his bodyguards, at the Bicentennial. The man, a blue suit, a navy blue tie with purple stripes, a serene face, which did not let go a smile, sobered a few hand salutes at the address of some employees, before reaching the Senate's building. Received by the vice-president of the office, in the office of the president of the Senate, Jean Henry Céant made the filing of the totality of the documents required by the Constitution.
The notary Jean Henry Céant is fully immersed in his march towards the Primature. "The country needs all its sons, the courage and love of all its sons," says the appointed prime minister, after handing his documents that are 21 to the vice president of the office, Pierre François Sildor who immediately transmitted them to the General Secretariat of the Grand Corps. The notary, a former presidential candidate, is already ready to "fulfill a difficult and inspiring function". It must be said that it is the President of the Senate, Joseph Lambert, who, after receiving the letter from the President of the Republic, invited the appointed Prime Minister to deposit his documents.

By accomplishing the first act in the procedure to bring him to the Primature, Jean Henry Céant first applies to pass the stage of the Senate, where the trend is rather favorable. Then, he will set the course for the Chamber of Deputies, where the negotiations are still intense, with the key, the disintegration of the presidential majority (APH). A commission should be formed as soon as possible to study the validity of his documents, says Pierre François Sildor, vice-president of the Senate. On Twitter, the Senate Speaker added: "A commission will be formed at the earliest to exhaust this phase of the procedure."

The appointed Prime Minister has indicated, moreover, that he would send all the files of ministers before the ratification session. He also mentioned the possibility of some ministers of the resigning government being re-elected to the next government.

Jean Henry Céant, after leaving the Senate, went illico to the Chamber of Deputies, where he handed the same documents, the copies for lack of originals already in the drawers of the Senate. It was the Secretary General of the House, Guy Gérard Georges, who received the appointed Prime Minister at the Diplomatic Salon, instead of the President or even better the Vice-Presidents or the First Secretary. According to the procedure, the Chamber of Deputies will have to wait for the Senate before going there. Jean Henry Ceant, too, must wait.

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