Nominated Haitian Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, invited to present "General Politic" in Parliament next week

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The President of the Haitian Senate Yourie Latortue, said that he expects the nominated-Prime minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, to come to Parliament next week; either Monday or Tuesday, for him to officially present the declaration of his general politic before both body of congress.

Jack Guy Lafontant, a medical doctor, whom until his nomination for the post late last month, by President Jovenel Moise, was virtually unknown in the haitian political scene.

Earlier this week, speaking to reporters at the Legislative house, Youri Latortue confirmed that many of his colleagues still had some doubt on Jack Guy Lafontant, and that he did not yet have a majority support in either the Senate or the House of Deputies.

Nominated Haitian Prime minister does not yet have majority in Parliament for ratification

Someone who could be of "consensus" was one of the main attributes that lawmakers sought on a Prime minister, when they initiated talks with the President last month about the nomination.

Despite President Jovenel Moise's comfortable majority in both chamber of parliament, Lafontant's lack of political experience seems to be the biggest hurdle that could potentially ruin his chance of becoming the next Prime minister.
On Tuesday, President Jovenel Moise, urged lawmakers to confirm Dr Lafontant, so that a government could be formed as soon as possible to start tackling the most pressing challenges that Haiti faces.

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