The UN Security Council endorsed this Thursday, October 14, 2015, the report of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, recommending the renewal of the mandate of the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) .

A statement from the UN mission's resolution adopted unanimously by the Council, extends the mandate of MINUSTAH in Haiti until October 15th 2016, while maintaining the current level of authorized strength of 2,601 police officers United Nations (UNPOL) and 2370 soldiers.

In its resolution 2243 (2015) the Security Council requested the dispatch of an integrated strategic assessment mission on the situation in Haiti, in particular assess the degree of stability in the country as well as the professionalism and capacity of the National Police. This strategic assessment mission will also present recommendations to the Secretary General on the presence and the future role of the United Nations in Haiti, before the expiry of the mandate of the Mission in 2016.

The Security Council also noted "remedies that Haitian institutions have taken to remedy the deficiencies and improve the conduct of future elections," to be held October 25, 2015,

The Security Council commended the government while urging him to support the electoral process for the democratic renewal of Haitian political institutions through a transparent electoral process, inclusive and equitable.

Reaffirming that Haiti is at a turning point towards the consolidation of stability and democracy, the Council stressed the "essential dialogue between political leaders and stakeholders in the country to ensure the achievements of the past years so that Haiti is firmly committed to the path of stability and sustainable economic development. "