Massive demonstration planned to welcome OAS Mediation commission in Haiti

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A massive demonstration is planned by various sectors of the opposition in Haiti to welcome the arrival of the OAS Mediation Commission in the country on Sunday. The mediation of the OAS to overcome the stagnation of the internal political dialogue takes place at the request of Haitian President Michel Martelly, and so far, the agenda of the guests has not been detailed.

Strong police presence, with armored vehicles can be seen along the roads leading to the international airport of Port-au-Prince.

Thousands of people demonstrated yesterday in this capital against what they call the interference of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the internal affairs of the country.

Given the possibility that the transfer of power can not be performed on February 7, as provided by the Constitution, President Martelly has called for the mediation of the OAS.

But the opposition demands the resignation of the president and the establishment of a transitional government to call new elections as a solution to the crisis.

In this environment, the electoral council declined even more, because in the last hours two other members resigned, including its president, Pierre-Louis Opont.

The resignation of the opposition came after Martelly has invited the sectors represented in this body to appoint new members to replace those who had resigned to rebuild the authority lacks credibility.

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