Thousands took to the streets of Port-au-Prince today to protest against a possible vote of Parliament to end the presidency of Jocelerme Privert. The legal term of 120 days non renewable, under a political agreement between Privert, then president of the senate and outgoing President Michel Martelly, had ended this past June 14, leaving him as de facto president since.

Controversies and serious disagreements have prevented parliamentarians to hold a vote on the fate of the president at their last National Assembly which took place on June 13; the day before the term of the president ended.

Privert like his predecessor Michel Martelly, has not been able to complete the electoral process within the parameters of his mandate.

Unlike Martelly however who had 5 years to organize elections, Privert had only a term of 120 days to not only complete the process but also to investigate numerous allegations of fraud that have prevented the second round of presidential elections from taking place three times and caused widespread violence and contempt of the citizens against the authorities and the international community very involved in the elections of the country.

It is very likely that Privert will receive a vote of confidence from Parliament and his mandate should be extended as new dates were announced for the holding of the entirely redone presidential; as recommended by an independent commission.

The parliamentary vote was scheduled today for noon, but is now 6 PM local times, and the vast majority of legislators has still not presented.

Heavy police presence around the perimeters of the legislative building, many parliamentarians earlier this week had asked the National Police to strengthen its presence because their vote has the potential to leave many very dissatisfied.