Little girl coming from school, latest victim in Haiti's violent protest

Posted by Sydney Noel on Saturday, January 23, 2016 Under: Haiti's Political Crisis

The toll of today's protest was heavy, the most violent to date since the start of this interminable crisis. So far, three known deaths are confirmed. Among them, an innocent little girl aged about 8-10 years, who the only thing she did wrong was to go to school today, and she died from a bullet in the head. A bullet of angry demonstrators or police using live ammunition to disperse the angry crowd? who knows.

While the attention of Haitian and international media have focused on the postponement of the Haitian election, our attention must turn to this innocent girl, who I think has become the symbol of the current dysfunction of Haiti. Who knows what she might have become. Perhaps a better leader than those we have now, these leaders who have ended her young life. These leaders who have failed her and Haiti as a whole.

What do the current politicians have to say to this girl; her parents? They are the ones responsible for her sad death. They are the ones who have refused to come to an agreement to hold elections five years overdue, because of old politics and personal interests. They are the ones who have plunged this country body and soul, headlong into the abyss of despair. Michel Martelly, Jovenel Moise, Jude Celestin, former members of Parliament who have refused to come to a concession, the opposition, the government party, all members of the CEP, the international community, you are all responsible for the death of this girl. Your hands are stained with her blood.

What do you all have to say to that little girl and the young people of Haiti; the 30% of the Haitian population aged 10-19 years, who like this girl want to be able to receive the bismal education scarcely available to them without the threat of death from violence resulting from the incompetence of the political leadership of their country?

I know that like her parents many wish they could do something to bring her back so that she could continue her burgeoning life but, we can not. What can we say? Rest in peace, may your death means something. May your death doesn't become one of thousands of others forgotten in history books despite their historical significance and contribution to the change Haitians have been yearning for.

We do not want to steal the little dignity left of this girl and her family and friends devastated by publishing the photo of her little body lying in a pool of blood.

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