John Kelly: Deportation of more than 58.000 Haitians would be " a boost to the Haitian economy"

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Speaking Tuesday, before the Senate committee on homeland defense, US Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, argued that the deportation of more than 58.000 Haitians who are currently allowed to stay in the United States under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS)  would be a boost to the Haitian economy.

"I was down in Haiti last week, spoke with the leadership. I said, “During the six months, you, Haiti, need to start thinking about travel documents and how you’re going to bring these people,” who, by the way, are generally better educated, entrepreneurial, would be, I think, a boost to the Haitian economy in social function…"

During his four hour-long visit in Haiti, John Kelly, also made an agreement with Haitian President Jovenel Moise to extend the TPS for Haitian nationals only for an additional six month, despite the pleas of many US lawmakers and others, for the humanitarian program to be extended for 18 months, because Haiti has still fully not recover from the earthquake as well as the devastation of hurricane Matthew last October.

US Secretary of Homeland Security discussed migration with President Moise during short visit in Haiti

As he did during his meeting with President Jovenel Moise, Secretary John Kelly reminded once more that the program was intended to be temporary and had been extended several times since its implementation following the catastrophic earthquake in 2010.

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