Jack Guy Lafontant sworn in as Prime Minister of Haiti

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Jack Guy Lafontant took the oath of office as Haiti's Prime minister on Tuesday following a votes of confidence by both chambers of Parliament. After 19 hours of debates, the lower chamber of deputies voted on Tuesday to approve him.

Haitian lawmakers confirm Jack Guy Lafontant as Prime minister

The new Prime minister urged his fellow countrymen to bridge divisions, which have impeded the nation's growth. Lafontant promised to bring deep reforms, in the areas of rule of laws, fight against corruption, and the improvement of education, while acknowledging that the road ahead is very tough and the challenges are many.

"Time is serious and the legacy is heavy. I inherited the prime minister's job at a time when inflation is rampant, the depreciation of the [Haitian] gourde is accelerating, and where agriculture, the main backbone of our economy, continues to lose its competitiveness,'' Lafontant said.

The Prime minister stressed, that the changes the Haitian people yearn for could only happen if there is unity among them. 

"The Haitian dream is possible. It cannot be done without the unity of its daughters and sons,'' he said.

Lafontant, a medical Doctor by profession, has no prior government experience. Before his nomination for the post he was a gastroenterologist who formerly headed the Rotary Club in the commercial district of Petionville.

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