The flag marked "Haiti is open for business" is at half mast.The pro deal slogan did not take, and the Haitian businessmen do not want it.
"Haiti is open for buisiness" nobody speaks in these last days. Neither the president nor the prime minister nor the new Minister of Economy and Finance have mentioned this mantra in their last public speeches.

No new slogan is emphasized either.

Wednesday, while the Davos economic forum opens in  Switzerland, Prime Minister Paul Evans participated in the festival's celebration of Mass of Our Lady of Fatima in Delmas. Another time, another place. Does this mean that the Haiti store and its blinds are closed. We no longer have the means or desire to pay the most expensive fish sauce?
In the 44th month after the accession to power of Michel Martelly, taken between elections and to run the country, a new government, which has not experienced the test of passage through Parliament, comes without a slogan. Does this mean that there is no project? Does this mean that the constraints weight weighs heavily on the shoulders of illusions?

We do not know too much. Nothing is clearly said.

Yet in his installation speech, Wilson Laleau holds no secret "in terms of economic development and social and human progress, recent history has shown us, all the money in the world, all the technology accumulated, all goods are worthless when the determination is lacking, when also lacks the ability to mobilize around a social project ... ".
These words of the Minister of Finance emphasize that we are still awaiting the strong ads Prime Minister Paul to understand where the government intends to conduct the national boat.
No clear plans, capital flight (the net outflow of capital in the banking system increased), limited local market (only 2% of the population is able to consume the equivalent of at least $ 10 / day, compared ONPES ), as if that was not enough a calamities,  twice Minister of Economy and Finance and twice Minister of Trade and Industry, Wilson Laleau, painted a bleak picture of the situation of our country: "the fiscal situation is well known: the budget constraint has tightened; Petrocaribe resources are scarce; financial disaster HRE has become unsustainable; the very unfavorable rating of the country in international financial markets denied access to non-concessional private capital, "according to the one who has already served three prime ministers.

For Laleau, "the time has come to declare a state of economic emergency and do everything that depends on us to revive hope in the future in the country. ยป
The Minister also told in his speech at the beginning of the term of Michel Martelly, he refused the post of Minister of Economy and Finance. The transition team (which he belonged) campaigned energetically for a radical transformation of the administrative apparatus.

He dreamed of taking the head of a Ministry of Economic Development that would bring together the main strategic functions of the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation, Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Department of Trade and Industry to a great ministry responsible for the country's economic strategy. This was the project in 2011, which, again, will remain in the pipeline.
In this last year of the term of Michel Martelly, the mismanaged economy spoil the elections, we must remember the election fiasco ... and everything will mortgage the future. It is time to declare a state of economic emergency. But will there be time to start thinking?