How much cost a Senator in Haiti?

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It is an understatement to say that the Republic whose economy is bloodless, is caring for senators. And when it is necessary to speak about it, the senators, often avaricious of microphones, do not rush to the gate as the question is sensitive to the seaside. "To speak about it can expose you to many things, among other pressures and warnings", affirms to the Nouvelliste, on condition of anonymity, a senator, who believes he must be accountable for the use of public money.

The senator, in the wake of his oath, receives a whopping U$ 40,000 to buy a company car, confirms said parliamentarian. According to our source, 250,000 gourdes are granted each month to each senator for patron saint celebrations. The 29 senators of the Republic each receive 250,000 gourdes for a second home, 70,000 gourdes as fuel costs and 250,000 the month for the maintenance of departmental offices.

The senator, who spoke to us openly, refers to the "social life of a parliamentarian", regularly beset by solicitations, as if to justify such privileges. "In his income tax return, one is obliged to pay for all these fees received. If you pay for money, that means you've used it. Yet with the 250 000 gourdes for patron saint each month, you participate in the "social life", believes the parliamentarian.

"It's normal when a person works at the highest level of the state to have privileges. But we are a poor country. We must not have our privileges to the size of the leaders of rich countries, "argues the parliamentarian, pointing out that there are normal privileges and others -" exaggerated "- which inevitably facilitate corruption ". It must be said that each senator has six paid consultants each for 60,000 gourdes, two security agents with 20,000 gourdes each and two drivers with 20,000 gourdes each.

The smallest details in parliamentary life are borne by the Treasury to offer senators a lifestyle worthy of rock tars. 5,000 gourdes phone recharge cards, in addition to thousands of gourds minutes for a roaming service, details the parliamentarian, recalling that the perdiem for trips abroad is "modulated according to whether you go to Europe or North America". But another senator points out that the per diem varies between 600 and 800 US dollars. For the slightest breakdown of a vehicle of an elected, there is no problem. A garage affiliated with the Senate takes care of it.

Senators each receive one million gourdes for Easter, one million for socio-cultural activities, one million for back to school and one million for the end of year celebrations.

Haitian government hands over 1 million gourdes to each Senator and Deputy for the Easter Holiday

Either four million gourdes a year, without taxes, granted to each elected. "I always distribute to associations, churches among others," says another senator, also requesting anonymity to guard against the anger of his peers. "Money is not the problem. But it is rather the fact that the office demands in return no report of its use ", our source adds.

How much cost a deputy in Haiti?

Why does the Senate not require it? "Because, I say it bluntly, this is a practice that dates back a long time and is part of the corruption that is installed in the system," said the parliamentarian. Understand who can.

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