How much cost a deputy in Haiti?

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The question of how much a Deputy costs the Treasury and the attempts to respond to it have been burning the social networks since the 50th Parliament took office. Even today, the question remains unanswered and the many answers are increasingly blurred since they emanate so far, from no official source. Faced with this lack of information, Le Nouvelliste has investigated certain parliamentary sources to better highlight the famous benefits to our elected officials and thereby enrich the current debate on the need to grant or not enormous privileges to the authorities, all of whom say they want to save the motherland.

As soon as he takes his oath at the Bicentennial on the second Monday of January, the Haitian MP is entitled to a sum of 700,000 gourdes as "first installation fee".

To help reduce the distance between his riding and Port-au-Prince, the seat of Parliament, the Treasury offers each member the sum of one million gourdes annually to be able to have a "second home" . The travel of elected representatives of the people on the territory are also supported: US $ 29,000 are allocated to them as a subsidy for the purchase of a vehicle.

An official residence for the Senate's President: 7.2 million gourdes paid by the Senate

Granting a vehicle to someone is good, but does the Republic think to offer elected representatives of the people to roll these high cylinders that sometimes roar all day long? Yes: 15,000 gourdes per month in fuel voucher, 50,000 gourdes annually to repair the vehicle and 75,000 gourdes every year to change tires and battery. To this, we can add the 10,000 gourdes received in recharge card each month.

Parliament is also committed to improving the image of honorable members within their own constituency. Thus, in its largesse, the Republic grants 100,000 gourdes annually to each of the 119 deputies for the rent of a room to be used as office to the elected of the people and, to make this office works, 200 000 gourdes are ginned of the state fund to pay the employees of this office.

Always in order to put the parliamentarian in front of the scene in his constituency, the MP pockets 70,000 gourdes every month for the patron saint's day.
For his protection, the MP is entitled to one driver and two security guards. Each receives a salary of 25,000 gourdes per month. He is also entitled to four consultants, because of a monthly salary of 48,700 gourdes each. Despite staggering interventions and fractious committee work relationships that abound at the seaside, it must be admitted that each MP has two councilors each receiving 21,000 gourdes a month.

Personally, the net salary of a Member amounts to 61,521 gourdes monthly. Beside this salary, the elected representative of the people can rely on "fixed costs" of 29 400 gourdes per month. These "fixed costs" are increased by 5,000 gourdes if you are chairman of a commission.

In addition to these privileges, the member has two important moments in a year: the return of classes and Easter. In each of these periods, the State disburses 500,000 gourdes for each of them

"So that they can respond to certain demands in their constituency," they say.
In the case of a trip as part of parliamentary proceedings, the member is entitled to a per diem of US $ 400 per day.

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