Headquarters of Haiti's largest Human rights organization, attacked by armed individuals who also left death threats

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Non identified individuals, on the night of April 9th, opened fire on the headquarter of the local National Network of Human Rights (RNDDH), Haiti’s largest human rights organization, according to the organization’s Director Pierre Esperance.

Five projectiles were found on the spot and the attackers left an envelope containing two cartridges and death threats, confirms Mr Esperance in an interview with AlterPresse.

"Threats and intimidation will not gag me and make me change my position," says Pierre Espérance.

“Social injustice is intolerable in Haiti where the struggle for the rule of law must continue,” he insists.

All the members of the organization have been informed of the situation, says the executive director of the RNDDH so they can take safety precautions, but they eventually rely on the police for their safeties and that of the RNDDH.

In 1992, as a response to the human rights violations committed under the military dictatorship that served as a primary cause of the massive Haitian exodus to the United States, the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees (NCHR)—established in 1982 in New York—in 2004 NCHR cahnged its name to RNDDH.

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