Haitian woman's suing Chilean hospital for discrimination after doctors let her give birth alone, in hallway of hospital

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A Haitian couple in Chile have filed a lawsuit against the San Jose Hospital for medical malpractice and racial discrimination on the part of the personnel of the enclosure.

Guerdeline Orzil and her husband Ricot Presume accused the hospital of letting her give birth alone, in a hallway while in a wheelchair.

Guedeline Orzil, alleges in her suit that she arrived in the hospital expecting to be taking to the delivery room immediately as she was screaming from severe labor pains, but instead, no one paid attention to her for hours. Guerdeline's husband, Ricot, said that he was shocked to see several other women, in visibly less pains, being admitted before his screaming wife.

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After hours, Guerdeline finaly gave birth to her baby boy, alone, in the wheelchair, in the hallway of one of the largest hospitals in Chile. "The newborn baby fell on the floor." said the lawyer of the couple, Eduardo Arevalo, who explained that it took hours for nurse to come and cut the umbilical cord and the staff did not perform any exams on the baby to determine his state of health.

Guedelin Orzil and her husband Ricot Presume felt they were discriminated against in such a blatant way because of their skin color, their nationality and that they spoke little spanish.

The director of the Hospital, Jose Miguel Puccio, while he expressed deep regrets over the situation, denies that in his care center there is any discrimination.

There are more than 50.000 Haitians currently residing in Chile.

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