Haitian President signed executive order requiring all financial transactions in the country to be done in Gourde

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Haitian President Jovenel Moise, on Thursday March, 1, 2018, signed an executive order requiring all financial transactions in Haiti to be conducted with the local denomination Haitian gourde.

Anyone contravening the provisions of the decree will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the Republic, threatened the government.

"Given the Constitution, especially Articles 6 and 136;

Having regard to the Decree of 27 March 1985 amending Articles 9 and 17 of the Law of 17 August 1979 establishing the Bank of the Republic of Haiti

Considering the decree of March 13, 1987 reorganizing the Ministry of Trade and Industry;

Considering that the monetary unit of Haiti is the gourde

Considering that several currencies circulate on the territory and give rise to speculations on foreign exchange thus affecting the cost of products in the country;

Considering that it is incumbent upon the State to protect the interests of the community and to ensure the well-being of the population and speculation against the national currency;

Considering that the State must ensure the proper functioning of the mechanisms of the Economy in order to prevent crises and speculation against the national currency;

Considering the importance of preventing and sanctioning bad commercial practices which contribute to deteriorating the purchasing power of households and consequently impoverishing the population;

Considering the urgent need for the State to act against deliberate changes in the exchange rate likely to accelerate inflationary pressure and deteriorate the country's socio-economic situation;

On the report of the Ministers of Commerce and Industry, Economy and Finance;

And after deliberation in the Council of Ministers;


Article 1.- The present decree carries the obligation to make commercial transactions on the territory in the national currency.

Article 2.- The gourdes is the only currency in the country. All commercial transactions on the national territory are due in the national currency.

Article 3.- All contracts for consideration concluded by the Haitian State with third parties are worded and paid in gourdes, in accordance with the laws of finance.

Article 4.- It is forbidden to claim from anyone the payment in foreign currency or its equivalent in gourde for transactions whose settlement takes place in the territory.

Article.- The prices of goods and services are obligatorily and only posted and paid in gourdes.

Article 6.- All citizens are entitled to denounce and file a complaint against any individual or company claiming payment in foreign currency or its equivalent in gourde following commercial transactions or purchase of goods or services.

Article 7.- Any person contravening the provisions of this decree will be prosecuted according to the laws of the Republic.

Article 8.- The following institutions are responsible for ensuring the strict application of this decree:

a) The Ministry of Trade and Industry, through the establishment of a price control mechanism practiced on the national territory. It sends a quarterly report to the Prime Minister on the application and impact of these provisions;

(b) The Ministry of the Interior of Local Authorities, making use of delegations and vice-delegations as well as all other dependent and trust services contributing to the safety and security of the country;

(c) The Ministry of Justice and Public Security, through the prosecution offices of the country's courts of first instance and the Haitian National Police;

d) The Ministry of Culture and Communication, through an information campaign to the public, in all corners of the country, on the objectives pursued and the need for compliance with these provisions.

e) The bank of the Republic of Haiti, through its guidelines to banks and other financial institutions.

Article 9.- A committee to monitor the application of the provisions of this order is constituted. It is composed of a specialist from the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH), a senior staff of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, a senior staff of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and coordinated by a cadre of the primature.

It addresses, among other things, a periodic report to the head of the government on the impact of the measure and will make any recommendations deemed necessary.

This Order will be printed, published and executed at the behest of the Prime Minister, the Ministers of the Economy and Finance, Trade and Industry, Justice and Public Safety, Culture and Communication , each as far as it is concerned.

Given at the National Palace, Port-au-Prince, February 28, 2018, Year 215 of Independence.

By :

President Jovenel Moses

Prime Minister Jack Lafontant

The Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities Max Rudolph Saint-Albin

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cults Antonio Rodrigue

The Minister of Economy and Finance Jude Alix Patrick Salomon

Minister of Justice and Public Safety Heidi Fortuné

Minister of Planning and External Cooperation Aviol Fleurant

Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development Carmel André Béliard

The Minister of Public Health and Population Marie Greta Roy Clément

Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications Fritz Caillot

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Stéphanie Auguste

The Minister of National Education and Professional Training Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet

The Minister of Trade and Industry Pierre Marie DU Mény

Tourism Minister Colome Emilie Jessy Menos

Minister of the Environment Pierre Simon Georges

The Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action Régine Lamur

Minister for the Status of Women and Women's Rights Eunide Innocent

The Minister of Culture and Communication Limond Toussaint

Defense Minister Hervé Denis

Minister of Haitians living abroad Stéphanie Auguste

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