Haitian President's chief of staff Wilson Laleau, responds to senate report accusing him of embezzlement

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Mr. Speaker of the Senate,

The reading of the six hundred and eighty-six page (686 pages) report submitted by the Special Senatorial Inquiry Commission on the Petro Caribe Fund in circulation inspires me with many comments. I share with you three for now:

1. This report is a pretext.

The conclusions of the report (third part of the document) have nothing to do with the so-called technical analyzes of the second part. Many of the denounced firms and institutions, where the contract situation can reasonably raise suspicions in the second part, are not found in the prosecution recommendations. The heavy secret kept in the conduct of the investigation speaks volumes about the intentions of the Commissioners. Denounced institutions and individuals have never had the opportunity to be confronted with the facts of which they are accused and their names delivered to popular vengeance on the basis of mere suppositions, lies and risky conclusions without the Assembly of Senators did not have to validate this "report" considered definitive, without period of contesting the results by the personalities in question.

2. This report is biased, partial and partisan.

The Privert period has been gently avoided. The designers have found a pirouette with a pithy recommendation, no doubt, written quickly, as a last resort, to better swallow this report. A terse statement at the bottom of page 505 recommends "to the Senators Assembly to consider a resolution that was made by the Provisional Government of Privert / Jean-Charles as part of the PetroCaribe Fund", (end of quote) . Yet the pages from 33 to 36 explicitly implicate this administration Privert / Jean-Charles for serious misconduct of "makeup public accounts" using exchange rates up to 107 gourdes for a dollar while the reference rate of the BRH over the period ranged between 62 and 65 gourdes for a dollar. It is a blatant case of manipulation of figures to find the equilibrium of the balance sheet. This bad faith of the report's drafters is evident from the title of the table on page 41: "Notes to the Fund's Financial Statements for the Annual Period Ending September 30, 2016". Curiously, the resolution taken by the Privert administration is not included in this table and has not been analyzed.

It should be noted that the operating costs of BMPAD have increased three-fold between 2015 and 2016, rising from 145 million gourdes to 457 million gourdes. It is rather surprising that the Commission did not note this fact.

3. This report is an irresponsible act

This report challenges the honor and integrity of the Senate. Indeed, it is clear that this report is assembled from scratch to incriminate, degrade even some personalities who served the state and exonerate others. It is true that a report prepared by any Senate of any country is a political report. These reports however must be based on verifiable facts. The Assembly of Senators would like to note that of the 686 pages of this report, never has anything been reproached for delicting the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Wilson Laleau. Suddenly on page 506 of the report, in the conclusions, paragraph 10 reads: "Direct intervention of certain Ministers including Wilson LALEAU, to make disbursements without any resolution in the Council of Ministers". And, two pages later, 508, in the recommendations the report continues (still paragraph 10): the commission recommends [...] to put public action in motion against Wilson LALEAU, former Minister of Finance for embezzlement or dissipation of public money [sic].
This last recommendation calls for three remarks:

a. The term "some other Ministers" suggests that the latter apparently do not have a known name;

b. The Commission did not consider it useful to verify the movements of funds in the accounts of BMPAD and the Central Bank. Should we remind that to move the funds of the Public Treasury or any account of public institutions, you need a file that any competent investigator can easily find in the system? It is clear here that the Commission equates the management of public accounts with that of a simple neighborhood bazaar where transactions are made in cash;

c. The personalities and / or beneficiary companies do not have names, the amounts in games are not known, the dates of these decisions are not listed. This is a flagrant case of defamation denouncing the proven incompetence and deaf irresponsibility of those who wrote this recommendation.

This relentless search for reasons to indict certain personalities has pushed designers to make dishonest accusations. Specialists in simulacrum and fabrications, they hope to deceive everyone by insinuating, by linking facts that do not explain anything because too incoherent.
4. Conclusion

This new report is clear proof that it is not within the Senate's jurisdiction to conduct this type of investigation. Personalities and companies involved in the Latortue report have been exonerated, while others have seen the counts change, decisions often based on wacky facts, while others have been added. There would be so many different groups to be questioned in a report that there will be Parliamentary Committees to look into the matter. The problem lies in the procedure used to conduct this investigation. The Constitution provides the mechanisms by which this kind of work can be conducted making the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes the technical arm of Parliament. It is the only competent institution in this field to establish an impartial report that alone could help society to understand what really happened in relation to this Petro Caribe issue and ...., To prevent some people from inventing a beautiful plan to walk with turtles to hide the truth.

Please accept Mr. President's my the expressions of my distinguish greetings.

Former Minister of Economy and Finance

PS. You will find attached a copy of the letter and the note I sent to your predecessor to explain the procedures for the commitment of the Petro Caribe Fund.

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