Haitian President promises that new government will be "inclusive"

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In an address to the nation on the air of the National Television of Haiti (TNH) Saturday, July 14, 2018 late evening, the President of the Republic said he received and accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister and his government, summoned a little earlier in the Chamber of Deputies.

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Jovenel Moise promises to continue consultations with different sectors of society to form an inclusive government. Throughout the week following the riots the president has multiplied meetings with various groups in the country.

The next government, he said, will be to relieve the misery of the population, develop agriculture, energy and infrastructure in the country. The new government will also have to take all the necessary measures to guarantee stability in the country, encourage investment, job creation and the establishment of a climate enabling every Haitian to live well in Haiti.

The head of state said he instructed the institutions concerned to ensure the safety of the entire population. He stressed that violence and democracy do not mix. Jovenel Moise is aware of the reality of the country.

In addition, the tenant of the National Palace has promised to meet the demands of sectors he met this week after the riots on July 6 and 7. At the National Palace, the head of state had met, among others, the private forum of business which some of its members saw their companies looted and burned; the international community, mayors, part of the political class and merchants who are victims of the fires.

Not once in his short message of three minutes and five seconds the president has made reference to the National Police of Haiti which has been the subject of all the attention and criticism in recent days.

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