Haitian President exhorts Parliament to ratify his Prime Minister

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Haitian President, Jovenel Moise Tuesday called on Parliament to ratify his nominated Prime minister, Jack Guy Lafontant.

With humility and kindness, I ask for a vote of confidence on the general political declaration of the Prime minister." said the President.

Jovenel Moise who has been in office for a month, has not yet been able to make any significant accomplishment, legislative or otherwise.

Despite enjoying a majority in both chambers of Parliament, the President's pick for Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, chosen last month, has not so far secured enough vote in the Senate for his confirmation, according to the Senate's President, Yourie Latortue.

Nominated Haitian Prime minister does not yet have majority in Parliament for ratification

The President might also receive some push back from the other branch of the legislative, who had recommended for the post, Cholzer Chancy, the president of the Chamber of Deputy.

"There must be a government, for us to draw a rectified budget,which is indispensable in taking into consideration the priorities of the new administration." Reminded President Moise.

Lafontant, who has promised to form a consensus government, continues his extensive meetings with lawmakers in order to receive the constitutionally required "confidence vote."

President Moise also took the opportunity to exhort Parliament to vote on a law that would extend financial credit to college student.

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