Haitian President attacks Catholic Church, for denouncing corruption in Haiti

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After the Minister of Culture and Communication, Joseph Guyler C. Delva who was on the list, it was the President of the Republic himself who responded to the ecclesiastical authorities. Obviously, Jovenel Moïse does not digest the comments of the President of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH), Mgr. Launey Saturné, on some decisions made by his administration during his homily last weekend on the occasion of the patronal of the Jacmel Valley. Bishop Launey Saturné drew the parallel between the increase of certain taxes and the fallout of these taxes.

"You can not build a country on lies, false information, rumors, hatred, violence and hypocrisy. These acts are contrary to the Gospel, " hammered the head of state, while he participated Wednesday evening at the Sylvio Cator stadium, at the celebration of 75 years of consecration of Haiti to Our Lady of Perpetual Help .

The speech of Jovenel Moise did not leave indifferent some Catholic priests. "It is clear that Mr. Jovenel Moïse does not like the reading we make of the situation of the country," responded a priest. "He had something to say, he said it" said the Reverend without much comment. This is one of the few times that the head of state held a speech without boasting of his achievements. He was clear, precise and concise.

Another priest explains that the president should not take the messages of a homily for a personal attack. "What is a preaching? The homily is a comment that we make from the three readings in the Mass. This commentary must take into account the message of the day, situate it as much as possible in its context but also update it in relation to the reality of Christians. A pastor must know what concerned the faithful in his community and what they aspire to. His mission is to announce the good and denounce the evil, "said the Reverend, saying that the comments of the President of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti have nothing of a personal attack or anything else .

Other facts

In preparation for the protocol of the celebration of 75 years of consecration of Haiti to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the bishops of Haiti wanted to enter the National Palace to perform the same act of consecration in 1942 ( year of consecration of the country to Mary) and blessing with the icon of the Virgin Mary. In the end, access to the National Palace was denied to the prelates.

While it was expected that if no agreement was found the bishops of the ten dioceses would meet in communion in front of the gate of the palace and proceed to the blessing of the country, to the astonishment of the faithful, the prelates did not pose this gesture of faith: "Are the bishops unhappy? I do not know, "asked our interviewee.

The Episcopal Conference persists and signs

The president of the Episcopal Conference, who persists and signs, said that the country is sick. He delivered this speech on the occasion of the closing of the jubilee year on Wednesday night at the Sylvio Cator stadium. "If since 1978 the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that smallpox disease is eradicated throughout the world, Haiti has other forms of smallpox that ravage," said Msgr. Launey Saturné.

"The forms of smallpox affect many areas, including the judiciary. People who had to answer for their actions circulate in the streets without worrying the least of the world. Even worse, people who were behind bars are simply released after a phone call. These things can in any case cause a climate of insecurity in the country, "said the president of the CEH.

In his exhortation, Bishop Saturné invited all the people of God to pray to our Savior so that life would not be a disaster in Haiti. "We must realize that the country can not remain in this state," he said, before indicating that corruption, insecurity, injustice, unemployment are among other evils that gnaw at us.

The prelate also advocated for the creation of jobs. "More jobs, less unemployment, more financial transactions and less poverty. We need financial means, economic means so that our children have access to school and that the population has access to health care, "he said.

The prelate also acknowledged that efforts are being made to improve the living conditions of the population. "I urge you to thank God and pray that the living conditions will improve for the benefit of all Haitians," he urged, offering the prayer and work tandem.

"Praying while working and working while praying. This is what I have just proposed to you as part of this celebration, " he preached, believing that it is time to get together to get the country out of the impasse.

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