Haitian Police violently dispersed peaceful march against corruption

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The Haitian Police, on Tuesday violently dispersed with tear gas and bullets a peaceful demonstration against corruption in the capital city Port-au-Prince.

Several hundreds of protesters,  among them former presidential candidate Eric Jean Baptiste and former police chief Mario Andresol; as planned, on December 5th, marched to the rhythm of slogans and popular music, for a collective movement which had intended to reach the seat of the Haitian Parliament, to urge leaders to do more about corruption in the country.

During the protest, participants demanded that those found guilty of corruption be sent to prison. 

The protest came after the Haitian Parliament published a report in which it accused former and some current Haitian officials of serious irregularities in the use of the so called Petrocaribe funds.

Haitian Senatorial Commission recommends corruption and embezzlement charges against two former prime ministers, a string of ministers and managers of private firms

At a time when president, Jovenel Moise, has promised to fight this scourge, which for him represents a real problem for the country, he has found himself in a position where he is defending most of those accused in the report as they are close to him. Such as his chief of staff and secretary.  A company which the president used to own, is also accused in the senatorial report of over-billing the government for solar lamps installed throughout the country, before Moise became President.

 "Corruption is a part of the system, so any battle against corruption is a battle against the system," said one protester.

"The Police in Haiti usually do what they are told to do. This order to violently suppress this march came from the high ups."  he continued as to insinuate that it came from the president himself.

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